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Title & Description Region Year Uploaded Owner Scene type
Visitor to Kolossi Castle
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Limassol 1977 19 Jun 2004 Bobbeer friends and family
Larnaca Airport
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Larnaca 1977 19 Jun 2004 Bobbeer friends and family
house in Limassol
It was 16th of June Street, but the Limassol Mayor's office tells me that it has been renamed Archbishop Leontiou I. My mother and sister
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Limassol 1957 9 Mar 2003 smawer friends and family
A crab on the beach
Watch out, this is my territory.
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other 1971 12 Nov 2002 vshelley friends and family
5 STAR Amateur Athletics presentation, Ay Nik, 1978
Thanks to Lee Alberga for this photo! I'm in it! Lee can't remember the teachers but Here are the names. Backrow:-Left to right Gaynor Poole,Simon Honour, Alison Bain, Richard Townsend, Tracey Weir, Warren Carty, Ian Poole, Bernel ,Scott Richardson, Sian Einan??, Kevin Gillingham, Andrea Beesley. Front Row:-Left to right Johnathan Lindsey, Terry Gillingham, Lee Alberga, Peter Craig, Mark Shelley, Martin Cowlard.
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Paralimni 1978 21 Oct 2002 mark friends and family
On Zigi beach in winter.
This is the designer of this web site in his younger days, stones were more important and computers had not yet been invented. Taken at Zigi near to the Karob processing plant.
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other 1972 19 Oct 2002 vshelley friends and family
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